Crystalena Taylor


Crystalena Taylor and her Zim filly. We lost Crystalena in December of 2001, but we have kept several of her fillies, including the one here. She was an outstanding producer for us for many years. I keep this picture included to show the quality of filly that Doczim Two D Two on the ground. This filly is Zimalena Taylor. She is now a mature mare, and producing some outstanding foals by our current stallion, own son of High Brow Cat, Cats And Cream.

Zimarina Taylor


Zimarina Taylor is a mare of 1996. She is the cross of Doczim Two D Two and Crystalena Taylor.

Zimarina Taylor had an outstanding horse colt by Cats And Cream in 2006. We registered that colt, Dash For Cat. He has been sold and will be heading to Mexico to be used as both a performance horse, and an upcoming sire!


Zimarina is heavy in foal to Cats And Cream for a 2008 foal.

Zimalia Taylor


Zimalia Taylor is a mare of 1989. She is the cross of Doczim Two D Two and Crystalena Taylor. We are retaining her 03 filly by Zimfandel Dry for our own use. Zimalia Taylor is the dam of The Man Catter. Find him on the Foals 2007 page.